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Beauty and the Beast Pennant Garland Banners

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Beauty and the Beast Pennant Garland Banners to use as a party decoration and to decorate a kids room after! Each pennant tells a wonderful story!

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BEAUTY and THE BEAST Banner Vintage Little Golden Book Bunting Paper storybook Children Repurposed story book Decoration re purposed gift
Made from a vintage, repurposed Little Golden Book, “Beauty and the Beast : The Teapots Tail” each flag has been individually and lovingly hand cut to ensure that the display side contains all images and no text. Wonderful saturated colours gives this banner a memorable retro feel.

This colourful bunting would look delightful draped on the wall of any child’s bedroom or a themed party. Plus, it is educational! The child develops their narrative skills by creating their own stories with the pictures on the flags. Great for their imagination!

The cheerful flags are sewn with a zigzag stitch onto white satin ribbon.

Length of banner: 1.90 metres (5′ 10″) from flag to flag
Width of flag: 15cm (6 inches)
Length of flag: 14 cm (5 1/2 inches)
Number of Flags:12

BEAUTY and THE BEAST Banner Vintage Little Golden Book Bunting Disney Princess Party storybook Children Repurposed story book Decoration
Classic fairy tale with pictures by Walt Disney!

Made from a vintage, repurposed Little Golden Book, “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”. Each flag has been individually and lovingly hand cut to ensure that the display side contains all images and no text.

—D I M E N S I O N S—

Banner LENGTH, flag to flag: 1.8 metres | 5′ 9″
Flag WIDTH: 15 cm | 6 ”
Flag LENGTH: 14 cm | 5 1/2″
Flags: 11
Tying ribbon: 50 cm | 20″ each end
Cheerful flags sewn with zigzag stitch on to WHITE grosgrain ribbon.

✧ bedroom decoration
✧ party decoration
✧ educational and great for the imagination
✧ develops narrative skills
✧ packaged for gift giving

Beauty & the Beast enchanted rose banner!
A beautiful decoration for a birthday party, tea party or just for your child’s room!

6 Piece Banner comes fully assembled. You just pick the perfect spot to show it off!
There are three layers to each piece. The top layer (rose) is cut from green and red glitter card stock.
The second layer is cut from gold glitter card stock and the third layer is cut from yellow card stock.
Each piece is 8.15 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide.

Beauty and The Beast ‘The tea pot’s tale’ Vintage “LITTLE GOLDEN BOOK’ double sided bunting
Fabulous bunting made from rare VINTAGE pages from Little Golden Book’ BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, The teapot’s tale’
Each flag is 14 cm across and 18 cm long.
Their are 11 flags stitched onto string.
The flags can been moved closer or wider apart and can be viewed on either side. What ever your preference is.

beauty and the beast book party decoration banner garland
what a great way to decorate a room or a birthday party!!!!
this beauty and the beast book page banner will let you decorate in that one of a kind look.

pages were cut from a disney’s beauty and the beast book
this is a 5 flag banner
each page measures approximately 5.25″ x 7.75″
strung together in a cream colored twine
this item is ready to ship.
comes from a smoke free home.

Belle – Disney Princess
Join in on the fun tradition of Door Decorating on your next Disney Cruise (or even to one of the many Disney parks)! Or, add a beautiful and creative decoration to your next Disney-themed party!

These flags are handmade out of card stock and inspired by the Disney characters we all know and love.

This character is approximately 6 inches (H) by 5 inches (W).

Princess Fairy Tale Banner with child’s name
If you are looking for the perfect decorations for your next princess party, look no further. This fairy tale banner is perfect! This one is made with a Disney Fairy tale book. Each Disney book picture is backed with pink or purple card stock. This one measures approximately six feet long (each pendant measures approximately 5 inches by 4 inches).

I can easily make this in any color, length, and character you need. Just let me know your needs and I will create a custom listing for you. (If you are a child of the ’80’s just think of all the fun cartoons we used to watch, if I can find a book, I can make you a banner!).

a “beauty and the beast” bunting from a little golden book
the story book tale of ‘beauty and the beast’ in a bunting to hang on the wall. this 9 flag bunting was made from the book pages of a little golden book.

the flags measure 5 3/8″ across and 3 1/4″ down on each side. yellow ribbon holds it all together and it measures about 55″ from the first flag to the last. the yellow ribbon extends about 12″ on each end.

BEAUTY and the BEAST book page banner decoration Disney
Disney Beauty and the Beast book page banner made with pages from the book. This banner includes twelve pendents each measuring 5″ x 7″ and hung on jute twine.

BEAUTY & THE BEAST golden book banner bunting garland
This paper banner has been hand cut ✂️ and sewn from Walt Disneys Beauty and the Beast Golden Book, with white thread, and a purple grosgrain ribbon.

Beauty & the Beast Movie Poster Bunting
To celebrate this years release of Disneys Beauty & the Beast movie i have made this bunting using the movie posters which advertise the upcoming film.

The bunting measures 214cm, holds 15 flags & is hung on red 6mm satin ribbon.

All my bunting is printed on good quality paper then laminated to give a high sheen finish.

Disney’s Belle inspired, Beauty and the Beast themed bunting featuring rose
Belle themed bunting, inspired by dress colours on Beauty and the Beast. Yellow cotton, hand painted/stenciled with red rose, green stem. Features eight triangle flags on gold ribbon string, with rose on one side and plain fabric the other. Yellow is quite a lot brighter than pictures show.

DESIGNER Banner ~ Disney’s BEAUTY And The BEAST Storybook Bunting ~ 12 Colorful Flags ~ 12 Foot Long ~ Party and Room Decor ~ One-Of-A-Kind
Original design! Charming colorful banner handcrafted from a Walt Disney classic, “Beauty and the Beast”.

Wonderful decoration for a birthday celebration, child’s bedroom, library, or school classroom!

Each page from the book is hand-cut and assembled to pictorially tell this classic tale.

This oversized banner is approximately 12′ in length. Each of the 12 flags is 10-1/2″ high by 7″ wide. Designed in shades of yellow heavy-duty textured card stock and embellished with a beautiful pink rose.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – Recycled Book Bunting
This paper bunting has been hand-cut from the pages of a pre-loved children’s book.
Suspended on 100% Cotton twine and carefully sewn to card backing for durability, this repurposed storybook is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Width of flag: approx. 13cm
Length of flag: approx. 14cm
Number of Flags: 12

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