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My Little Pony Soap Favors

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Holiday Sale! Three or Five 7.0 oz My Little Pony Inspired Bath Bomb Party Favor Set with Suprise Pony Toy Figures Inside ea Bath Bomb

Perfect for stocking stuffers or Party Favors.

Need this item with in five days that is not a problem. For an extra $5 your item will jump to the beginning of the line.

All orders can be customized with any color, scent, with glitter or with out and quality. If we do not have the color, scent or quantity listed please send us a message before purchases and we will let you know if you can fill you request.

If you need a custom tag that is not a problem either.

Remember all our orders come with a little something, free of charge, just to make your next bath time experience that much memorable and relaxing.

Each item has a net weight of 7.0 oz. This listing is for a set of 1, 3 or 5 bath bombs. Our Bath Treats only are made with organic premium ingredients.

Pony Soap Favors (5+), Novelty Soap for Children

These lovely pony soaps would make wonderful favors for a young child’s birthday, or any horse/pony themed party!

They come individually wrapped in clear cello bags tied with a ribbon, with or without personalized tags (see option bar for pricing). ***If you choose one of the options including tags, please leave a note with your purchase for the text you would like. I will send you sample tags via email for approval before printing.***

They are available in different colors – see option bar for selection. If the color that you need is not listed, please request it and I will do my best to accommodate you. These are made to order, so I can highly customize them to your liking!

Colors shown in pictures: PASTEL Kelly Green, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Robin Egg, Yellow

MY Little Pony Soap Fun Kids Soap with Figurine MLP

This soap is for the Brony in everyone! Each skin friendly glycerin soap has 1 random Collectible figurine from My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. You can get a heart or a square shape. Both are about 4-5 inches. I now have Dr.Hooves, Octavia,Luna,Derpy, and more. If I can accommodate a certain pony, I will.

My Little Pony soaps

Thoughtful gift for someone special!

Price listed is for the set of 8 small soaps nicely packed in a cellophane bag and put in a clear box decorated with a natural and eco-friendly Raffia strands.

Glycerin MY LITTLE PONY soaps, will make adorable combination for any favor event!

These can be made for impressive shower, birthday, favors, etc.

– Soap Base is free from any foam boosters and preservatives. Made from vegetable oils, this base contains no alcohol or harmful products to dry your skin!
• Highly moisturizing formula
• No animal testing
• 100% Vegetable base
• Biodegradable

My Little Pony Soap

My Little Pony Soap, MLP Party Favors, Novelty Glycerin Soap, Pony Soap, Friendship is Magic Soap, Gifts for Girls, Pony Collectibles

These soaps make the perfect gifts or party favors for any lover of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series.

Each handmade, mild glycerin soap, weighs about 3.5 oz, measures approximately 3″ x 3″, and contains one random My Little Pony mini figurine ready to make bath-time fun.

My Little Pony soap – Rarity soap- image imbed soap, boys gift, My Little Pony gift, vegan kids soap

This My Little Pony soap is a must have for any gift giving. They make great stocking stuffers or add on gifts for your My Little Pony fans. Soap will be packaged in a shrink wrap bag. Scented Bubble Gum.
Approx 4.5 oz

My Little Pony Inspired, MLP, Ponies, Brony, Little Ponies

My Little Pony Inspires or for the person who loves rainbow colors and stars!

A very yummy bar of soap and smells sooo delicious, just like Bubble Gum yum!

Each bar weighs about 6oz

Each slice is cut by hand. No fancy cutting machines or slicers. I just use a regular kitchen knife (I use just for soap).

My Little Pony Soap Unique Imbed Heart Party Favor Wedding Bridal Glycerin Doll Action Unicorn Figure Bitcoin Accepted Wholesale Available

My Little Pony Heart Soap with an action figure at it’s center. Encourage you children to wash up more often. When the bar of soap is gone they have a little to to play with. Bars measure about 3″ x 3″ x 1″ and weigh about 3.2 oz. This soap is made with a glycerin based soap.

Please note that this listing is for one (1) Pony Heart of your choice.

The pony choices (as stock allows) are as follows…

-Twilight Sparkle
-Rainbow Dash (sold out)
-Pinky Pie
-Apple Bloom
-Sweetie Belle
-Princess Celestia
-Princess Cadence
-Spike the Dragon

Birthday Party Favors – Little Pony Soaps Cowgirl Theme Western Party Favor My Little Pony Custom made Pack of 10

Celebrating a girls birthday party? These beautiful pony soaps are the party favors that make a great addition to your event. Great for guest baths as well. Your guests will love receiving these scented glycerin soaps. These soap bars will leave you feeling fresh and fragrant when you take them home and use them too!

Great favors to use at your birthday party, baby shower, diaper party, or other special occasion. Soap party favors are the new popular favors to give your guests. It will be a wonderful reminder of their special day with you. This unique pack of 10 soaps comes in your choice of several colors and your choice of scents. We can even add glitter, just ask! Most popular in pink with a delicious vanilla scent. You will receive a variety pack of the pony soap styles, as shown in the photos above.

The soaps have a long one year shelf life. Each order is made fresh at the time of ordering and will arrive individually wrapped in a cello bag to preserve the scent and freshness with your option to finish the favors.

pony soaps measure between 2″ tall x 2″ wide x .75″ thick and 1.5″ tall x 2.2″ wide x .75″ thick

.8 – 1.2 oz each

10 soaps
° If you need a different quantity, please just ask.

My Little Pony Jumbo Mystery Toy Bath Bomb

These bath bombs are huge!! You can break them apart and use it for multiple baths if you would like. But if you want your surprise MLP toy right away, go ahead and use it all! It’ll make every ponies mind and body happy.

Soaps – My Little Pony soap/party favors set of 4

My Tiny Pony Soap – Girl Horse Soaps – Set of 4 Pony Soaps

These adorable little pony soaps come in a few different colors and scents. We are always willing to customize colors as well. These Little pony soaps are perfect for the tub or to set on the sink in the kids’ bathroom to encourage hand washing.

EACH SET INCLUDES FOUR PONIES. You can select up to TWO Colors and TWO fragrances per set. Some of our most popular colors/fragrances are:

RED (watermelon/cherry)
BLUE (cotton candy/Tooth Fairy Taffy)
YELLOW (Lemon/Monkey Farts)
GREEN (Sour apple/ Key Lime)
ORANGE (orange creamsicle/Peaches)
PURPLE (Grape/Jelly Beans) (Fruit Loops)
HOT PINK (Bubblegum/Pomegranate

My Little Pony crystal clear soap bar, sparkle soap bar

Bubblegum scent!!

These soap bars are round and will fit in a young one’s hand perfectly! Make it fun to take a bath. After the soap is gone they have the toy to play with.

Ponies are picked at random.

Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony Soap

Twilight Sparkle Soap ☆

Lavender and neroli
Lavender buds featured in the soap.

My Little Pony Surprise Bath Bombs

My Little Pony Bath Fizzy with a Surprise My Little Pony Toy!

This listing is for 1 huge pink bath bomb scented with 100% natural sweet fruity tropical pomegranate and melon oil. All of my bath bombs are colored with safe and natural colorants and will not stain tubs or skin. This is a huge 3″ bath bomb. Turn bath time into a magical and fun experience! Drop one of these super fun bombs in a warm bath and watch the explosion of nourishing oils, scent, glitter and fizz fill your tub and magically release a 1-2 inch My Little Pony Toy! Watch as the color turns the water an exciting new color. Then see how excited they get when they find their My Little Pony surprise!

My Little Pony Inspired Glycerin Soap for Kids

My little pony inspired , this all natural glycerin soap has the scent of J&J baby lotion.

Each bar weighs 5 oz. and has a toy in the middle for washing fun ….
How many baths does it take to get to the middle ? The kids will know !!
Each toy is imbedded in the middle and can be played with or added to a collection once the soap is used up.

6 random styles … your kids will never be cleaner…. Fresh clean baby smell ….

My Little Pony Kids soap, Handmade Glycerin Lavender soap

The kids will love this adorable My Little Pony character glycerin soap. Lavender scented soap helps calm while washing. Nice large size to enjoy in tub or sink!

Handmade Toy Soap mlp my little pony pink

Handmade Toy Soap everything is soap except for the My little pony character.
This soap contains glycerin and vitamin E as well as pigments.

My Little Pony Shape Hand Soap In Many Fragrances

This is a set of 8 small my little pony shaped handmade soap. The fragrance is bubblegum (Pink) for the pictured soap. These little soaps will have your little girl looking forward to bath time, and washing her hands every time she gets a chance.

These soaps make a great gift. We will also gladly make a set for you in the color and fragrance of your choice. You can go ahead and purchase these and in the comments state the color and fragrance you would like. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for shipment of custom made soap.
We have these ready to go in the following fragrance/colors.
Green – Green Apple
Pink – Bubble Gum
Yellow – Monkey Farts
Dk Pink – Black Cherry Bomb
Blue – Cotton Candy

The photo is of an actual set. They are individually wrapped in one box. Great for a gift or can be used for party favors.

Pony bath bombs, over 8minutes of bubbles

Scented fizzing bath XL 10.5oz bomb which includes a NEW random My little Pony toy inside the bomb (although I aim to have the main ponies in stock).

These are the licensed MLP toys and not a ‘china cheapy’. Toys range from 1 inch to 2 inches and will be completely RANDOM (may not be a main show pony, they are from the blind bags). May present a choking hazard to small children or animals. The bomb color will be random as well however will be lovely 🙂

Each bath ball is a HUGE 10.5 ounces!!!! Thats 11 ounces of bubbles, fizz and colorful fun! Not only is this a fun way to relax and moisturize your skin in the bath but you then receive a fun item from the ball.

To help ensure safe shipping each bath bomb is individually shrink wrapped and packed.

__Discounted bombs___
These fizz and foam/bubbles just like our full price bombs however they are slightly defective in some way. They are discounted due to one of the following: cracks, mis-shape, not fully round, bubbles, dips/divits. Of Course they still have an amazing toy inside however it will be a random one.

My Little Pony Gifts – Bubble Fizzies – Bubble Bar

This is the perfect gift for a My Little Pony fan! These bubble fizzies are the perfect holiday treat with one bath inspired by each of the Mane 6!

Each set contains 6 – 1 oz. fizzy bubble mix* plus a special bubble bar star!

*The White mix is fizzy ONLY! This does not create bubbles. It fizzes up and is lavender scented for a soothing, quick and easy bedtime treat.

Purple: Blue Cotton Candy
Orange: Banana Orange
Pink: Christmas!! (Because what party is a certain pony planning right now? Probably a Christmas party!) 😉
Yellow: Banana Orange
Blue: Blue Cotton Candy
White: Lavender (The purple star is Christmas scented)

Each bag contains a bubble bar star. Sometimes, in packaging, the star gets hidden, which makes it a fun surprise and search and find!

Kids Surprise My Little Pony Bath Bomb

Kids Shopkins Surprise Bath Bombs

Bath bomb size
5+ oz

My little pony toys are 100% authentic.

Bath Bombs can be purchased in different colors and fragrances.

Bath bombs are relaxing and fun for adults and kids. Our bath bombs are made of all natural ingredients with many aromas to excite your senses. Take your bath time to another level with our various bath products.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin clay, Epsom salt, grapeseed oil, mica, witch hazel, cosmetic glitter, corn starch and fragrance oils.

Glitter Pony Soap

Glittery Pony Soap.
2 X 2 X 1 inch square soap, lightly scented with a pony figurine in the middle. Wash your hands to get your pony!

Randomly selected pony.

My Little Pony Jumbo Bath Bomb with Surprise Toy Inside

Relax and watch your luxurious jumbo size bath bomb fizz and swirl away to reveal a Mystery My Little Pony toy inside! These are a favorite for the kids and each one comes in random vibrant color from the rainbow! The extra large size builds the anticipation of the toy inside even more.

You will receive one jumbo bath bomb approximately 10 oz. in a random beautiful swirled color with a mystery pony inside.

Made with shea butter, grapeseed oil, and kaolin clay to leave your skin silky, smooth and moisturized.

Little Pony Birthday Favors

Little Pony Party Favors
12 Mini Soaps
Custom made to order.

ENTIRELY made of Vegan Glycerin Soap including the pony set into clear glycerin soap and finished with white soap background.

10 PONY SOAPS (Favors) – Pony Themed Birthday

This listing is for 10 PONIES Soap Favors
1 soap in each clear cello bag.

Our soap lathers well and leaves the faintest fresh scent on the skin. Our soap is highly moisturizing and gentle for sensitive skin.

*Soap Color
(I can do these in ANY color you prefer)..Just send a note.

“Add Quantity to Cart” (example: 1 quantity = 10 favors, 2 quantities = 20 favors & so on.)

Catbird Clean My Little Pony glycerin soap, My Little Pony

Catbird Clean My Little Pony glycerin soap for The Catbird’s Kitten. This soap is a high lather glycerin soap. It has a My Little Pony character embedded in the soap. It can be used as a hand soap or a body soap. If you order multiples in the same order I will do my best to make sure that you recieve different characters. Soap will be square unless you request flower shape in the comments.

This listing is for one bar of soap and is sold by weight at 4 oz (though many will weigh more).

Glitter Pony Soap

Glittery Pony Soap.
2 X 2 X 1 inch square soap, lightly scented with a pony figurine in the middle. Wash your hands to get your pony!

Randomly selected pony.

Cake Bomb My Little Pony Surprise toy

Turn bath time into a stellar fun experience! Drop one of these super fun bombs in the bath and watch as you are transported to a new galaxy. Let them enjoy the fun fizziness as the color turns the bath an exciting new color.Then watch how excited they get when they find their surprise!

Every slice is a slice of awesomeness! Each slice weights 10 OZ with a My Little Pony toy inside and they smell delicious (vanilla, grapefruit and coco). They are sprinkle with cosmic toppings.

We use toxic free colorant so its safe for those superstar kids.

Ring My Little Pony Kids Bath Bomb – Ring Toy Lavender Essential Oil Bath Bomb – My Little Pony Party Favors – Stocking Stuffer Girl

Perfect for little Pony Lovers!!

These All Natural & All Organic Bath Bombs are made with Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil to help promote sleep and calmness.

But, before they go to bed… A surprise! Each My Little Pony Bath Bomb contains a My Little Pony Ring! Possible rings are: Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie. The Bath Bomb isn’t labeled with which character ring is inside, so it’s a Pony of a surprise!

Girls Bath Bomb – hidden toy – bubble gum scented –

What better way to get your little ones in the bath than an exciting fizzing, bubble gum scented bath bomb!

What makes this one even more exciting is that when the fun of the fizz has gone your little one will be left with a cute My Little Pony toy to keep!

These toys are chosen at random and so is the colour of the bomb you receive – why not collect them all!

My Little Pony Toy Surprise Bath Bomb

A cute My Little Pony surprise bath bomb. Can choose from four colors and scented with Lavender, great for bedtime! A 2.5 inch ball of fizzly bath time fun with a cool surprise for your child at the end! Not to mention the fun water color change! Great for birthdays and holidays! Also, made with all natural ingredients.

Handmade My Little Pony Unicorn giftsoap, children

Here is my latest selection of Hand Made Magical Sparkle My Little Pony Unicorn soaps.

Ideal as a Christmas stocking fillers, party favour, wedding favour, or just a gift.

Each 2” x 2” clear bar contains a randomly selected 1” Magical Sparkle My Little Pony Unicorn figure which will encourage your little ones to wash their hands and wear down the soap to be able to get to the toy inside.

My Little Pony Crystal Pony Bar

These 4.5-5.2 ounce glycerin soap bars have a fun My Little Pony prize inside. Simply wash until you set t free. These make fun gifts for any pony fans.
Unlike our My Little Pony party favor bar, this is a full bar of soap, and can last a little longer.

My Little Pony Glitter Birthday Party Favor Soap

These My little pony soaps are great fun for the MLP fan in your life. Each 2-2.5 oz bar is made with Glycerin soap with an added purple glitter. There is no added fragrance so they are great for children with sensitive skin. Sunk into the inside of the soap is a random plastic MLP figure from the Friendship is Magic set.

Please send number from photo of the pony you want, plus an alternate. If no number provided a random pony soap will be sent.

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