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Welcome to Birthday Wikii – Here is a Huge list of Birthday Party Themes to get you started with planning the big event! Themes for milestones, toddlers, kids, teens, adults, coworkers, boss and more!
Find Lots of Birthday Party Theme Ideas!
Baby Shark
Daniel Tiger
Disney Princess
Iron Man
Jurassic World
Lion King
Minnie Mouse
Peppa Pig
PJ Mask
Sesame Street
Toy Story
Video Game

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As the Birthday event coordinator, you have an opportunity to express your creative side! The possibilities are endless with food choices, decorations, games, etc. It’s quite an undertaking to keep your loved ones entertained for a few hours! But isn’t it worth it?
Birthdays are usually a very casual affair, unless you’re planning a party for someone reaching a milestone age. I’ve noticed that the higher you go in age, the more formal the birthday event should be.
There are different approaches to how you should prepare for organizing a birthday. For example, if you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, you should pick an age appropriate theme, a kid-friendly menu and the right games to entertain (and control!) the little buggers. A child’s birthday is different from planning a party for a coworker, a boss, a best friend, a spouse or even a pet! Each birthday party is unique and can be super fun to prepare… if you like to undertake the task of being an event coordinator! It’s not always a small undertaking…