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18th Birthday is a Milestone Worth Celebrating


18th Birthday is a Milestone Worth Celebrating
Why is it that every kid wants to grow up so fast? You only get to be a child once. Childhood/Preteen/Teen lasts for approximately 18 years total and then it’s time to be out in the real world.

Now, just to be clear, 18 years is a short time span. At the end of it, people learn that 18 years flew by quickly. Looking back, decades later, I feel that the last thing on one’s mind should be to hurry youth along.

Once you have that 18th birthday party, you’re doomed to adulthood for the rest of your life. Basically what I’m getting at is, DON’T wish your life away. Trust me on this one. The early years were EASY!

Have you planned the 18th birthday celebration yet? A lot of parents like to go all out with this particular milestone year. It’s not only a celebration of completing grade school age, middle school and high school age, but it seems to also be a celebration of reaching the end goal of waiting so long to get the kids out of the house to move out and become independent – it is for the 18 year olds anyway. It’s a celebration of coming into Adulthood – a great Milestone in life.

Remembering what it felt like…

I found the whole 18th birthday a bit frightening. Suddenly everyone expected me to act and be grown-up. Well I have to admit, on my 18th birthday I certainly didn’t feel like an adult yet. This feeling actually didn’t come until I was about 23. Who knows? Maybe I was a late bloomer.

Regardless, 18 is what we consider the beginning of adulthood in America. Other countries may view this issue differently, but we like to be clear about it here. 18 is when you’re able to date who you please. 18 is when you’re able to vote, and 18 is when you’re able to get a hotel room on your own.

In Conclusion
For the most part, the 18th birthday symbolizes adulthood and for this reason, I recommend that you go all out for the birthday party. An 18 Year old will have fun times ahead – unlimited snacks, friends, college applications, no more curfews, master of their own schedule, maybe even more time to relax. It seems these are the reasons this new milestone and change in lifestyle should be ushered in with a memorable celebration to say goodbye to the awkward childhood years and hello to the next journey ahead.

Here are Great Party Ideas for an 18th Birthday!
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1. Let the Adventure Begin Party – Many 18 year olds plan to go on a trip to celebrate adulthood. Going on a trip with friends and family is the perfect way to make memories and say good-bye to the old you. Yaaaaass Party Store has just what you need to get this party decorated!

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2. Dinner and a Movie – If you are a more chill stay at home person this is for you! You can plan a Movie Themed Dinner party with friends. Surprise Party has the perfect Balloon Garland Arch Kit for the popcorn and snack table!

Rockstar Party
3. Hotel Party – Since you can finally rent a hotel room, how about throwing a small party at a hotel? The theme can be Rockstar – just try not to trash the place! Scale Rank Store has the Rockstar Party Bundle you need!

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4. Camping Party – Throw a party before you go on a Camping Trip – make it camp themed! Boao Store has the instaworthy Camping Photo Props!

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5. Bonfire Party – A few Tiki Torches and a lovely fire at a beach that allows it would be fun. Don’t forget the Glow Sticks!

6. Party at an Amusement Park – who says you have to do something adult themed? Maybe you can say one final goodbye to your childhood at a Theme Park?

7. Go to that Concert you were never allowed to go to as a kid!