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A Few Tips When Sending Birthday eCards


A Few Tips When Sending Birthday eCards
Friends birthdays are always very exciting. If your friend is a very close friend, you may begin making plans to select the gift many days in advance. Any friend is rare, but a good friend is rarest and birthdays will come only once in a year. An eCard is a very important part of this birthday year and your goals might be to make it memorable, strengthen the friendship or spread joy. This task is not a small undertaking and the sooner you realize this, the better you can plan for it.

Sharing a friend’s birthday is a very joyous occasion for all of us. In this article you will get tips about how to get free birthday ecards for your friends.

Prepare to Spend Time Selecting an eCard

There are many eCard designs and messages to choose from. Be prepared to be entertained looking through the cards and taking the time to make a selection. This can be quite a heavy task if you are indecisive. Set aside a time specifically for the eCard selection. If you have to shop for more than one person, you might be spending a few hours in front of your screen trying to decide!

Check ECard sites with a Free Option!

Is it possible to get good ecards free? Usually, anything that is good quality costs something on the Internet. You would be surprised that some of the free birthday ecards look much better than paid. Plan to spend money for an eCard just in case, but always check the free eCards first!
How can you get free birthday ecards that look good?
Here are our favorite eCard options
Smilebox – interactive way to send eGift cards; I love their song selections and animations!
123 Greetings – we love the format of their website. Much more user friendly and traditional, in my opinion.
Jib Jab – upload a photo of a face and attach it to a dancing body. A must see for birthday laughs!

Try to Avoid eCards from websites that give a free trial for a few days and after that will ask for payment. Unless you have a lot of people to get eCards for! Look for a ecard websites that will offer the friends birthday eCard free for a long time.

Think about the Graphics on the eCard

Avoid every other type other than flash ecards. Do not take very large or very small size. Chose bright colors. The animation should be attractive and the text heart warming. Many of us are worried about flash players. Do not worry. Most of the users have flash players installed on their computers now.

Choose the eCard to Match Yours and Your Friend’s Personality

Make friends happy! The ecard should make your friend feel good knowing that it was specially selected just for him/her. Your friend will feel happy that you spent some time to select an eCard for them. Whether poetic or hilarious – you can match interests like a sport, a taste in music, even a funny memory you share.

Your friendship can become stronger with the right eCard.