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Celebrate Your Birthday at Disneyland


Celebrate Your Birthday at Disneyland
If you want to celebrate your birthday, or the birthday of a child at Disneyland, you can easily do this and it doesn’t even have to be done on the exact date of
birth! Start celebrating by going to City Hall, which is located in Town Square, upon your arrival to
Disneyland. Here, you will receive a Birthday Sticker or button. This sticker tells everyone on at Disneyland that you are to receive special treatment.

Special Birthday Gifts at the Food Places
On your birthday celebration day, make sure that you eat in one of the full service restaurants, and that
you order the Birthday Bucket. It will be full of Disney treats, and it includes a cake.

Eat breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen and you can get a Birthday Bag at a price.

Character Dining
Celebrate your birthday by dining with your favorite Disney characters. Be sure to bring your autograph book for signatures!

Disneyland Resort Hotel Room
Customize a celebratory surprise and have it waiting… right inside your Disneyland Resort Hotel room!
Begin the birthday boy or girl’s stay in a magical way with a specially themed gift basket. You can even select a Disneyland Resort Room Celebration so that your room is decorated in true Disney style!

There are many ways to enjoy your birthday at Disneyland. You will receive special treatment from all of the Disney Characters in the park. This can be a memorable birthday celebration for you or your
child, so make sure you take lots of pictures, and don’t be shy about telling people who work at the
park that it is your birthday in case they don’t notice your sticker!

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