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Circus Party Snack Cart Ideas


Circus Party Snack Cart Ideas

When you go to the circus, you might smell the hot buttery scent of popcorn or see hot dog vendors walking around. If you’re planning to throw a circus party, you will want to make the party similar to visiting an actual circus. We have compiled a list of circus snacks you can serve at your party.

Circus snacks are very similar to the snacks you would serve at a Carnival, a baseball game or anywhere you will find concession stand foods: which is a perfect food for a special occasion for kids.

Circus Snack Ideas:

Peanuts (you have to make sure your guests don’t have an allergy to peanuts!)
Corn Dogs
Buttered Popcorn
Hot Dogs
Soft Pretzels

Circus Snack Mix (yes, that’s a thing!)
Candied Popcorn
Cotton Candy
Candy Apples
Circus Animal Cookies
Circus Peanut Candy (yes, the classic orange ones)
Snow Cones

If you would like to have snacks at the party to match the theme, there are many designers that offer super cute professional designs. Here is a list of designer snacks you will find:
Circus Animal Cookies
Circus Sugar Cookies
Circus Animal Sugar Cookies
Clown Sugar Cookies
Elephant Sugar Cookies
Magician Sugar Cookies
Monkey Sugar Cookies
Popcorn Sugar Cookies
Snowcone Sugar Cookies
Cotton Candy Flavor Cookies
Cotton Candy Sugar Cookies
Cotton Candy French Macarons

Circus Snack Cart Ideas you will love!

This post from Shyblooms focuses on circus animals surrounding the triple tiered snack cart. We love the circus style snack cups and containers. The top layer has clear cups with red poms glued down the center of the cups. Cheesy puffs are offered as a snack which is a fun and tasty snack for kids. The second tier carries old fashioned Popcorn boxes filled to the top with popcorn. The third tier carries more cheesy puffs in clear cups glued with entrance tickets at the top. The colors are classic circus colors which are primary colors. The balloons vary in size and adds to a fun whimsical look.

Here is another snack cart idea from @limiandesigns. The colors of the circus party in this theme are soft pastels perfect for a party for a baby. This cart is an adorable wheel cart with an attached stripe canopy adding to a circus look. It gives the appearance that a vendor set up shop and ready to sell the snacks! We have great circus food options with this cart: Cotton Candy in Tubs is a kid favorite, We have candied popcorn in pastel colored scallop-top popcorn boxes. I love how the balloons cascade off the side with pastel colored entrance tickets snaking through the cascade.

Here’s an interesting snack cart that doubles as an animal cage! Fun polka dot themed lettering of the birthday boy adorns the front of the animal cage. Punch dispensers sit uplifted on top of metal buckets and a tiered circus big top cake sits in the middle. Snacks at this table are sugar sticks!

Circus Party Machines

Popcorn Machine Carts
Tabletop Popcorn Machines
Commercial Grade Popcorn Machines

Snow Cone Machine Carts
Tabletop Snow Cone Machines

Tabletop Cotton Candy Machines
Cotton Candy Machine Carts

Hot Dog Carts
Tabletop Hot Dog Machines
Commercial Hot Dog Machines