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Moana Party Bundles for 24 Guests


Moana Party Bundles for 24 Guests

Party City Moana Tableware Party Kit and Supplies for 24 Guests, Includes Table Covers, Table Centerpieces, Banner

Celebrate your little one’s birthday with the Moana Tableware Party Kit for 24 Guests which includes 2 plastic table covers
Includes 24 lunch plates, 24 dessert plates, 32 lunch napkins, 32 beverage napkins, 24 paper cups, and 3 sets of orange cutlery
These party items will bring the spirit of Moana, Maui, and Motunui to your little one’s island themed party
Display the 2 centerpieces featuring Moana printed on a light blue background surrounded by printed tropical flowers and a sun
Hang the 15ft long pennant banner which is Caribbean blue and comes with 24 flags and string

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