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Snarky Birthday Wishes to Send to your Frenemies


Here are New Birthday Wishes we created to give your loved ones on their Birthday! **DISCLAIMER: The Snark you will come across below is for the purpose of entertainment and laughs. NOT to be taken Personal**

Sometimes we forget someone’s birthday. Hey, it happens but you should never own it! Check out this Be-lated Birthday Seal perfect for the occasion:
Snarky Birthday Wishes to Send to your Frenemies

Cheesy birthdays can be the pitts. This monkey figured out a creative way to say Happy Birthday without actually saying it.
Buttocks Monkey

Birthdays can be fun and wild. Sometimes people go too far…. hey, put that away, noone wants to see it!
Birthday Eek

Time marches forward and stops for no man, woman or child. We can live in an alternate realty just by claiming it.
Fountain of Youth

Sometimes we can’t make our hair appointment in time for our Birthday. There is absolutely no excuse. It’s time to call people out on it.
Gray hair cat

The rise of technology shows that cats have a gift for snark. This cat meant well…
Snarky Cat

We had to be sensitive to the times…so tired of the rona…
Go Home Rona

Is there anything more tragic than a tiny cake?
Tiny Cake

For the dinosaur fan out there… grow up… dinosaurs are for toddlers.
prehistoric glee

Stating the obvious from a cute, lovey-dovey perspective…

The world is now a video game and we are heading towards a crypto culture. Here’s to another year so earn your Crypto and Level Up, am I right?
crypto culture

I heart this one sooo much.
furry beast