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The Basics of Throwing a Birthday Party


There are many birthday party guides available online complete with checklists and a clipboard. This birthday party blog post is meant to be a brief look at the fundamentals of a Birthday Party.

The Birthday Theme

Figuring out a birthday theme can be tricky when your kid has multiple interests, or when your kid hasn’t liked something long enough for you to be comfortable with their interest. Baby themes are parents choice, but a toddler begins to form tastes in a cartoon or a youtube personality.

Popular themes can include cartoon characters, seasons and holidays. Milestone years can also set the foundation for a theme as well.

Party Decorations

I think that the part of the birthday party that kids look forward to the most and the part that they are really going to remember are the birthday party decorations. It’s surprising, I know. You would think it’s the birthday party favors or the birthday cake. Of course, you should not neglect these other very important parts of the birthday, but the decorations are really number one. They are the thing kids didn’t know were important until they see the party put together.

If your child is going to have a theme party, the birthday party decorations set the tone of the theme.

Some basic items for Party Decorations are:
Paper Plates
Paper Cups

You can plan more extravagant parties with centerpieces, hanging decor, gift station, dessert station, games area and more. Each station should be on theme as well.

Party Favors

When the decorations have been picked out, you can work on finding the right party favors to match. And this is the easiest way to do it, because it is much easier to figure out what the kids will like as gifts or their goody bags, then what they will like to see as birthday party decorations in the house. I mean, what little kid consciously thinks about a birthday party decoration before before the party anyway?

Some popular party favors include stickers, temporary tattoos, toy bundles and candy.

Birthday Cake and Candles

When you have figured out the birthday favors and the birthday party decorations, all that is left to pick out is the birthday cake. This is the easy part, although it might not seem like it. Kids don’t really know what they want in a goody bag, or what they want up on the walls for birthday party decorations, but you can bet that they will have an opinion about what kind of cake they would want to eat.

After that, all I have to do is get that cake decorated in line with whatever the theme of the party is going to be, and then everything is perfect, and prepared for a nice, festive celebration.

It really is not nearly as hard as you might think to have the perfect party, from birthday party decorations to birthday favors to birthday cake. It just takes a step by step approach, a little patience, and a lot of love.