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Unicorn Centerpiece Sticks Page Three

6pcs card stock Assorted Unicorn Skewer Centerpieces with Flowers

Comes in 3 colors mixed
Can be customized to any color you want!

Unicorn centerpiece

Unicorn centerpiece. These centerpiece sticks are adorable! Colors can be customized. I have added gold accents to the unicorn as well as to the age stick and to the name stick. You will receive 3 of these cute centerpiece sticks. Thanks so much for stopping by my shop.

Unicorn First Birthday – Unicorn Centerpiece

Our Unicorn Centerpiece Sticks are the perfect addition to your Unicorn Party Decor! They are handcrafted with card stock, glitter card stock, hand rolled flower and tulle and would look darling on your party table! Stick them in mason jars, flower arrangements or your candy bar and they will add that extra bit of fun!

You will receive 3 centerpieces per order – They are made from glitter card stock, 65lb card stock, tulle and attached to a wooden dowel.

Unicorn Wands, Star Wands, Unicorn Party Supplies

These magical unicorn and star wands will be sure to impress your little guests. These can also be used in your floral arrangements or candy bar.

These are sold by the half dozen.

Each wand is double sided, about 10″ tall and 4 inches wide. Made of sparkly gold and teal as well as shimmery pink and purple card stock. Embellished with pastel rainbow ribbon and a paper straw to spread your magic around. Custom colors and themes available upon request.

Unicorn centerpiece, Unicorn birthday banner

Unicorn centerpiece. These centerpiece sticks are adorable! Colors can be customized. I have added gold accents to the unicorn as well as to the age stick and to the name stick. You will receive 3 of these cute centerpiece sticks.

High Unicorn Centerpiece Baby Shower, Unicorn Birthday Decoration, Unicorn Birthday Party, Unicorn Cupcake Centerpiece

High unicorn centerpiece, baby shower cake toppers. Handmade from card stock paper, this centerpiece is just what you need to make your party stand out.

• unicorn centerpiece is printed in color ink
• cake centerpiece size: 6″ unicorn icons in diameter and 13″ length with lollipop stick
• Stick in the back is not visible.
• listing for 1 cake centerpiece
• also available :
– high cake toppers (6) 3″ – 4″ unicorn icons,
– circle unicorn cake toppers (12) 2″ in diameter with tooth picks or lollipop stick.
– unicorn “thank you” tads (12) 3″ in diameter with ribbon.

Unicorn party decorations, Pegasus centerpiece

Unicorn party decoration – Pegasus centerpiece with a super cute gold glitter horseshoes! 🙂

Size: 7 inch wide

Quantity: 1 piece

Unicorn Centerpiece, Unicorn Birthday

Set your party off right with this adorable Unicorn themed centerpiece set. All my items are customizable, I will best match your party colors to any item chosen. If you have a different style in mind we can work together to accommodate any party needs.

—-Product Details——
♥SIZE- Each circle is 4.5″ and is attached to a white 8″ stick

♥They are made with 80 Lb Card stock.

♥The centerpieces are SINGLE SIDED.

♥Colors used in the photo are: White, light pink, baby pink and gold glitter.

♥Each set comes with 3 pieces. One unicorn, one age and one name. Please choose amount accordingly.

Unicorn Birthday Centerpiece in pink and gold

Unicorn Birthday Centerpiece is designed with *2 – Unicorn pendants with flowers in colors of dark pink, light pink, mint green, and glitter. *1 – age in gold glitter backed with dark pink. *1 – “Happy Birthday” sign in gold glitter, backed with light pink.

Set includes:
* 5 pieces
* Each piece measures approx. 2.5″ – 5.5″
* Made from heavy acid free card stock paper

Unicorn Centerpiece

Listing is for Unicorn Theme Centerpiece Picks.

These picks makes a great addition to your Theme birthday celebration!! Perfect to use with tin pails, mason jars or flower arrangements.

Made to order. Sold individually or in sets of 2 or 3.

Simply adorable, made with glitter cardstock.

Perfectly adorned with satin bow. COLORS to choose from, Light Pink, White, Mint, Ivory, purple and Lavender. Comes all ready to stick into yummy cake.

Unicorn centerpiece, Unicorn birthday banner

Unicorn centerpiece. These centerpiece sticks are adorable! Colors can be customized. I have added gold accents to the unicorn as well as to the age stick and to the name stick. You will receive 3 of these cute centerpiece sticks.

Unicorn 1st Birthday Centerpiece – 3 sticks PLUS pail

Planning a Unicorn birthday party? This listing is for ONE center piece set. You will receive 3 center piece sticks as shown above PLUS a decorated pail and paper shred. Assorted images & colored pails available. Clipart by PixelPaperPrint

Need more than 3 sticks, send me a message!

Unicorn Centerpiece For Table

Unicorn Birthday Centerpiece for table personalized with age and initial. Make that special day brighter with this centerpiece for your favorite unicorn lover.

Made with glitter cardstock and paper straws or lollipop sticks. Each design measures about 5 inches in height, without the stick. The items come with one of each: unicorn, initial, and age. Double sided with image on both sides.

Please specify the color of the glitter cardstock you want and the color of the straws or lollipop sticks. Please also specify the initial of the child and the age.

Unicorn Party Centerpieces

All of these items are included in this package and it also comes with directions on how to set up the product.

These are awesome center pieces that can be the highlight of your child’s birthday party. This product will bring out the beauty in your child’s birthday party!

Fairy and Unicorn Glitter Centerpiece Picks

Glitter purple and green centerpiece sticks for unicorn and fairy birthday party

Berry Magical Unicorn Centerpiece

Make your tables sweet and magical with these fun & colorful centerpieces! With berries and sparkly unicorns, and the age of the birthday boy or girl, these centerpieces can double as fun photo booth props, too! Each order comes with 3 pieces: a unicorn, a trio of berries, and the age adorned with a berry.


These area total of 7 2ft Unicorns and one 3ft Rainbow centerpieces in pastel colors. You have a choice of any Unicorn character. They each come with a wooden base to stand them on. Send me a message if you would like a different character.

MAGICAL! Unicorns and Rainbows 5pc Centerpiece

It’s magical, colorful, fun and full of fairytale dreams!

This 5pc centerpiece is so sweet and just perfect for your little girl’s birthday party! 2 unicorns, one dancing in a party hat, the other posing pretty, are finished in beautiful rainbow colors with horn in a sparkly silver glitter. 2 Rainbows, one with a star, the other with clouds that are embossed with dots, and a giant custom birthday age in glitter silver and shadowed by layers of rainbow colors! This set is very bright and cheery! All piece are attached to wooden dowels.

Dancing Unicorn – 8″ tall x 6 1/2″ wide
Pretty Unicorn – 7″ tall x 7 1/2″ wide
Age – 4″ wide x 6 3/4″ tall
Rainbow w/ clouds – 7 1/4 wide x 4 3/4″ tall
Rainbow w/ star – 5 1/2″ wide x 4″ tall

Unicorn Birthday Centerpieces

Double sided unicorn birthday centerpieces made from cardstock. Perfect for mason jars. Come in a set of 3, 1 of each. Colors can be customized.

Unicorn Party Centerpieces

Adorable centerpieces for your favorite unicorn lover’s birthday party. Shades of purple, pink and turquoise. Customizable with the age of the Birthday child.

Unicorn fantasy toppers centerpieces decorations cake baby shower gender reveal birthday party favor table decor

Listing is for a set of 2 glitter unicorn toppers. Choose color of your choice. Set must be same color scheme. For sale of individual toppers or different design varieties, please contact me.

Approx. measurements are: 5.5″. For other measurements available, please send me a message.

Double sided (ds) on 12″ natural bamboo sticks. Sets must be same colors.

Unicorn Centerpieces set of 3, Unicorn Party decorations, Unicorn Firts Birthday

This listing is for a 3 Unicorn Centerpieces. The listing includes Unicorn face , number one and unicorn horn sign.
Comes with any assortment of the images shown, please specify what images you would like and how many of each. All items are made to order so they are always customizable. These centerpieces are customizable by color.

Unicorn Table decorations, Unicorn Birthday Party (Set of 3)

These adorable Unicorn centerpiece sticks will add that extra special touch to your Unicorn Theme party. They would look amazing sticking out of some flowers or even in a nice vase/jar. Each unicorn head is approximately 4″ x 4″. These unicorn centerpiece sticks are glitter in your color choice (see last picture). Each unicorn is attached to a 9″ wood dowel. This set would look amazing at your next Unicorn theme party, Majestical event, Birthday party, or baby shower. Set of 3 sticks.

Single Sided – Glitter on the front white on the back with stick neatly attached to back
Double Sided – Glitter on both sides with the stick hidden in between both layers (*MOST POPULAR*)

Unicorn Sticks Centerpieces

3 sticks unicorn centerpieces
4″x 5″ unicorn cut out with the name
single side (white back part)
12 cupcake toppers
2.5″ x 2″
single side (white back part)

Pink Unicorn Rainbow Birthday: Centerpieces or Flower Inserts

These unicorn, rainbow and heart centerpieces are a magical addition to any unicorn birthday celebration!
The centerpiece includes 1 unicorn, 1 rainbow, and 3 coordinating hearts, for a total of 5 pieces.
These are great nestled in a simple bouquet of flowers, a plant, a mason jar or vase with a ribbon, etc.

The sizes of the centerpieces vary; the rainbow and unicorn are both approximately 7 in. x 5 in.

UNICORN PARTY, 5 gold Unicorn Decor

Unicorn Centerpieces comes in a set of 5. These Unicorn Rosettes or Paper Fans are handmade by me. This will add that perfect touch to your little ones party.

Use these Unicorn Party Fans as centerpieces or display throughout your party to add that perfect touch.

Made with quality card stock in colors of pastel Rainbow of Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue and Purple.

Each rosette had a Gold Glitter Unicorn.

Each rosette is approx. 6 1/2 in in diameter. They are approx. 15 in. from top to bottom.

Jojo Siwa inspired centerpieces

Pictures are of different items from a party package. You can have your very own party package created for your child’s birthday. Prices will vary depending on your needs.

Carousel Party Table centerpieces, sticks, toppers Horse Party, Carousel birthday gold glitter pink mint 3D

1 Super ADORABLE Carousel Party table centerpiece stick topper will bring so much CHICness to your party!

Glitter horse/pony on straw stick (pole)
Also comes with long stick so you can put your topper in any vase/flowers/pots etc.

COLORS can be customized to your preferences.

Unicorn candy table centerpiece, unicorn party, unicorn decorations, unicorn theme

This is a set of two. Unicorn measures 5″. Number measures 6″ with a 2.5″unicorn.
It is only one sided.

Magical Unicorn Glitter Gold Centerpiece Pick Decoration Decor with Ribbons and Flowers

What a Magical addition to your flower arrangement for your Unicorn theme!

Unicorn Picks are shipped as shown, ready to insert in your favorite Decor and place on your table!

Unicorns are are a great size..

11 inches tall by 9 inches wide

Unicorns are made of high quality Flitter Cardstock and embellished with assorted pastel flowers with a gem in center and coordinating ribbons. Place in a wooden dollie and are double sided. Embellishments only on one side.

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