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Unicorn Centerpieces Page Two

Unicorn Centerpiece

This beautiful rainbow unicorn centerpiece is a must have for a birthday party or baby shower decoration, just place it at any point of focus to really liven your party decor and after the party use the centerpiece for a decoration keepsake piece for a little girls room or nursery to always remember her special day.

This unicorn centerpiece is hand cut and double layered for added thickness, double sided, hand painted and hand glittered.
Adorned throughout with lots of pretty flowers and coordinating ribbons making it visible from all angels and perfect for a rounded table.

Made with a 4 inch wooden base stand.

The centerpiece measures approximately 12.5 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide.

Unicorn centerpiece – Unicorn mason Jar centerpiece

(1 pcs./unit)
• Size: 3,4,6,8,10,or 12 inches
• Includes metal hanger.
• Simple assembly required.

Available variations:
🔅Unicorn paper Lantern
🔅Centerpiece with wood/Cardstock decoration attached
🔅Wood attachment choices: rainbow, unicorn, cloud, crown, horse (painted designs may vary)
🔅Cardstock diecut image or glitter Cardstock cutout
🔅Unicorn Paper lantern to hang or attached to centerpiece
🔅Centerpiece can either come as pail or a painted lantern, painted flower pot or a painted mason jar (mason jars are great centerpieces to fill or as is also great to have a lantern attached to them
🔅Crate to look like fence, rainbow, or sky with clouds or one set color with or without glitter
🔅Pail color choices may vary depending on availability please inquire (rainbow, purple, pink, etc, some pastels available, *featured pail is lavender and in gold reads “Happy Birthday”

Unicorn party decorations centerpiece

If you are planning a birthday party for your little girl, you are going to want to get this amazing looking unicorn centerpiece to display at her party. And after the party, it can be displayed on top of her dresser for her to admire every morning when she wakes up. When her little friends come over for a “play day” or “sleep over”, they are going to be mesmerized with this unicorn centerpiece because it is so beautiful.

The unicorn in the center is a 3D gold glitter unicorn standing 12″ tall with his mane and tail made out of silk, his eye is a rhinestone, and his mouth and eyelashes are black professional grade vinyl.

This wreath measures 24″ across and was created using white and pastel coral professional grade deco mesh, gold deco flex tubing, white ribbon with gold metallic unicorn heads, and various gold, white, and pastel coral colored ribbons. A gold glittered unicorn sits in the center adding the final touch to this wreath, making it perfect for your little girl’s bedroom and/or party.

Make your little girl’s dreams come true, and display this centerpiece at her next party and then as a decoration in her bedroom. After all, what little girl wouldn’t want to have one of these at her party!

Unicorn Centerpiece – Unicorn Party Decoration

This beautiful rainbow unicorn centerpiece is all handmade. The unicorn is hand drawn, hand cut and hand painted.
The larger flowers, leafs, butterfly, and other embellishments are all 100% handmade. The mini rosettes are hand painted only.
The unicorn stands on a wooden base that measures 5 inches in diameter.

The measurements are 14 inches high x 7 inches wide.

Girls Lighted Unicorn Nightlight- Floral Arrangement – Glass Block- Home Decor – Centerpiece

Cutest little unicorn floral arrangement. A beautiful interchangeable table top centerpiece with bright flowers and assorted ribbons. Perfect for a child’s room as a nightlight, a bathroom or hallway to light the way at night. This floral centerpiece has light pink sheered ribbon that wraps around the square glass block and secured with Velcro. The glass block is 8″ x 8″ x 8″ and comes with 12- 18 clear steady cell battery operated lights making any location possible. Batteries included.

Batteries are secured inside so you will be able to move this table arrangement around your home with complete freedom.

Fairy & Unicorn Party Decor Centerpiece

Adorable Unicorn & Fairy Centerpiece

Can be used as Party centerpiece, decorate kids room or nursery room decor

Handmade with Metal fountain vase ,Fairy and Unicorn resine figurine, genuin Crystal Quartz point and many garden decor.

Unicorns at the Barn

A family of Unicorns frolic on the grounds of their home. Little Junior is frisky and runs to meet his dad. Mom relaxes with their fairy handler. Includes all items pictured except the back drop. The items are installed on a tree round and 2 coats of oil based polyurethane have been applied. Use outdoors at your own discretion.

unicorn birthday party/ Fofucha doll birthday party

make you party the best with hand maid table centerpiece
12 inch tall

unicorn piggy bank centerpieces

all wood center pieces
-the box is a piggy bank
-unicorn, name, rainbow and box is made out of wood
-can do any color glitter
-can do any color

Unicorn/mermaid/fairy party Centerpiece

Nice Centerpiece for your little princess party, this is made with 8″ round 1/2 Base wood and 1/4 on the figure this item is 12″ high and ca be made on different colors.

Unicorn Flower Dress

Perfect party decor addition. Can be used as a centerpieces.

Customized Unicorn Rainbow Mache – Room Decoration/ Birthday/Baby Shower/Gift

Unicorn Rainbow Mache decoration

Can be used to decorate kids room or nursery

Made to order

Can be customized

Default colors:

Base – white

Flowers – light pink, light purple, light blue

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